STIHL B428S001

BT 121 C


The BT 121 earth auger from STIHL is packed with power; it’s what professionals use on tough terrain or remote jobs where power and light weight are a priority. This lightweight, one-man auger features our exclusive STIHL Quickstop® brake, which is a great feature if you contact a rock, root or other immovable object. When the bit hits a rock, the BT 121’s STIHL Quickstop® brake activates and stops the bit from rotating, while the powerhead on most other augers continues to turn.


Earth Auger Machine

Model: BT 121 C

Displacement: 30.8 cc

HP: 1.8

Weight: 9.4 kg

Auger bits sold separately:

40X695 mm: €171,00

90X695 mm: €218,00

120X695 mm: €247,00

150X695 mm: €266,00

200x695mm: €284,00

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